We're an award-winning practice with a fresh, dynamic approach. For every project we fully understand yet challenge our clients' preconceptions to then meet them in exciting and beautiful ways.



Live. Work. Play

Find out how the spaces we have designed have made a real difference to how people live, work and play.



Listed Buildings and Conservation

We have worked on over 30 listed builds.  See some of the best...



A Passion for Making

We started the practice building what we designed - discover some of the things we have made with our own hands.



Innovative Technology

Find out how we use cutting edge technology to design and simple, reliable techniques to build. 


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Virtual Reality
Gloucester Cathedral Cloister
3D Scanning
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Digital Manufacture




Each project is individually designed and crafted to produce unique and timeless buildings. 




Great Buildings - Great Stories

See how we can help you decide what is important and create a building that tells this story. 



Buildings for the Landscape


Our local area boasts a rich architectural heritage with a strong material palette, which we draw on to create contemporary buildings and homes that reflect and integrate with the surrounding landscape.  We think of this as a contemporary vernacular.



Tell Us About You

Enough about us we want to hear about you...


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