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Wilding, Farming and Housing


Perhaps only a few times in a lifetime does a book really get you. During lockdown the book ‘Wilding’, by Isabella Tree, really got me. Now I’m by no means a pioneer reader of the book. It’s been around for a few years and clearly grabbed many others before me, but the reaction was visceral.

Developing as a Regenerative Practitioner


Growing up on a farm in Zimbabwe, I was immersed in very active ecosystems and spent time in real wilderness landscapes. I couldn’t quite identify it at the time, but that was building within me a deep connection with and understanding of living systems and our dependence on them.

Building Within the Trees


In the context of the current pandemic circumstances and the climate emergency, our lifestyles are changing just as our mindsets and expectations are for the future. Many of us are more inclined to revolve back to the essentials of our human nature and instincts, and living closer to nature is becoming a priority for many of us.

Family Branches and Garden Roots

JULY 2020

Typically it’s a fierce attachment to a family house which leads to building a home in the grounds for grandparents, but not so for Tom Howard, co-director and founder of Stroud based architect Millar + Howard Workshop (MHW) and his wider family. 

Can Being a Client Allow You to Be a Better Architect?

JUNE 2020

Most architects have fantasised about building their own home since long before they were qualified, some since before they even started school, but is being your own client the dream-like experience that was envisaged all those years ago?


Mind the Gap: Returning To Work After Kids

JULY 2018

It’s not returning because everything’s changed and you can’t go back to something new. Admittedly I had a fair sized break from office work (five years and three children) and I went on to a different company in a new location but it was still a shock that everything about office life had changed. 

VR and Architecture: Powering a Customer Service Revolution

JUNE 2018

Over the past 30 years, technology has changed the way we as architects produce our work. However, the way we interact with our clients has remained remarkably constant. This is about to change. A new generation of technological innovation is offering opportunities for architects to connect more directly with their customers. 

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New opportunities for planning permission on smaller sites

MAY 2019

Planning permissions for housing seems to be easier for 500 houses than for five. However, there have been two significant, policy changes that help promote planning on smaller sites.

How to Find Land to Build Your Dream Home

MAY 2019

As an architects’ practice, we often have people getting in touch saying something like: “We like what you do. How can we find a plot to build something like that for ourselves?” So I thought it may be helpful to share the advice that we give for others to use.

4 Business Self Help Books That Changed The Way I Work

MARCH 2019

I have an embarrassing secret — about 3 years ago I got profoundly into business self help. There are 4 books in particular that have been highly influential. 

Flexible Working in Your Work Place


Finding an employer that didn’t see my commitments outside of work as being detrimental to their bottom line, proved to be ridiculously hard. 

Design ingenuity is crucial to protecting our planet


Humans have an impact on the natural environment, and that impact is ever increasingly detrimental.

Working Around Nature and History


The transformation of Sir Peter Scott’s house has been an intriguing project to work on right from the beginning because its historical significance is astonishing but not in a typical way. 

Vegan Chocolate Fudge Brings People Together


Food brings people together, that’s undeniable. Chocolate works especially well but really it’s the small act of kindness of bringing in home made goodies that lures colleagues away from their desks…

Why Small Startups are the Future


Small startups are disrupting whole industries and changing the business landscape forever.

Article originally a Guest Feature on

How VR Models are Transforming our Clients' Understanding of their Unbuilt Buildings


Those who really gain from Virtual Reality designs are the clients.

What if Wildlife Has Made a Home Where You Want to Build a Home?


Wildlife can enhance a project rather than cause delay or increase in costs.

Creating a Great Place to Work


For many, a great place to work is probably a coveted corner office, elevated within a sleek skyscraper with extensive views across a city. For me, it’s more about the ethos, the people and the atmosphere.

Making a Home from a Barn


When dealing with any change of use building project an inherent tension is formed in the project between the original function of the building and its proposed new use.

Just a Simple Shed

JULY 2018

Newly built or crumbling some can seamlessly blend into their setting, others enhance their surroundings, acting as a signpost to the rock which lies beneath the surface they occupy or the timber which stands nearby.

5 Questions To Ask An Architect Before They Design Your Home

JULY 2018

Regardless of the scale of your future house or extension, the relationship with your architect will be intimate and enduring. Creating a home is an exposing and emotional process.

Inward Opening Windows

JULY 2018

Whilst sweltering in our loft office during this unusual spell of summer heat, we’ve been discussing window design in the office. 

Could Custom build Developments Fix the Housing Crisis?

JULY 2018

Mass home production is one answer but there is also a little-known alternative — custom build. I honestly can’t understand why all housing developments aren’t custom build.

Wildlife Architecture


I think there is something contradictory about the way we treat wildlife; on the one hand invading the natural environment in every possible way but on the other hand trying to protect it from ourselves by isolation.

Living As We Work


Martin, an architect here at Millar + Howard Workshop has been telling of his experience building his own home in a community-focused residential scheme designed by Sride Treglown architects.

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