Designing and Making

Drawings and Visualisations

We use a variety of drawing and visualisation techniques from hand sketches to virtual reality presentations

Between drawings and buildings


Buildings are a manifestation of their design and construction process. We believe that design and construction go hand in hand. Understanding what you can do with materials and the processes necessary to form them into a building are vital to achieving a great end product. 

What We’ve Been Making


The wikihouse movement has inspired us to explore new ways of building that enable a wider proportion of society to get involved in creating buildings.

The Star Chair

Tomas’s father Dave designed the star chair whilst at Architecture school in the early seventies.  Digging out the designs from an old plan chest, Tomas and Dave produced a new run of 100 chairs.

Goods Shed Crazy Golf

Millar + Howard Workshop started the Goods Shed crazy golf in 2015 in collaboration with Stroud Valleys Artspace.  The idea was to commission 18 artists to all make a Golf Hole for a crazy golf course.  The event has been repeated every year in the summer holidays and provides children and adults from all backgrounds a chance to interact with local artists work.

Where We Started

The Yarrow's Deck

The main structure for the deck was constructed using Japanese joinery techniques and fits together without the use of nails, pegs or glue.

Cooper's Chapel

Various important details were created in collaboration with the client, a wood carver, using some unusual and special woods.

Paulmead Treehouse

This treehouse was built using timber from an old Oak Tree that was cut up on site using a portable saw mill.

Millar + Howard Workshop

St Mary's Mill