How We Work


Millar + Howard Workshop are a dynamic architecture practice based in the heart of the Cotswolds, with a fresh and original approach to design and a passion for making. We work as an office to produce beautifully designed and crafted buildings, working closely with clients, builders and construction professionals.


Virtual Reality


At Millar Howard Workshop we are one of the first architecture practices in the country to extensively integrate virtual reality into our design process.

We can provide all our clients with a fully immersive, virtual reality tour of their proposed building. This gives them a true sense of the scale and proportion of the spaces. 

Oculus Rift Common.jpg



Buildings are a manifestation of their design and construction process.  We believe that design and construction go hand in hand.  Understanding what you can do with materials and the processes necessary to form them into a building are vital to achieving a great end product.  Craftsmanship can take many forms forms from carving a piece of wood to digitally CNCing metal components.  An understanding of how different materials behave is central to all these activities.  




Our local area boasts a rich architectural heritage with a strong material palette, which we draw on to create contemporary buildings and homes that reflect and integrate with the surrounding landscape.  We think of this as a contemporary vernacular


Project Management


We pride ourselves on excellent project management.  We keep clients up to date on their project and ensure that all involved are focused on the particular requirements of individual clients.  We can tailor a service to meet your specific needs and where possible we price our work on the basis of a fixed fee for fixed scope of works.

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We like to be at the cutting edge of design, digital technology and project management.  We have a structured R&D programme that explores ways to improve our offering to clients and streamline our processes.  In the last 2 years we have been developing Virtual Reality,  Lean Project Management, 3D scanning, Custom Build Housing and Opensource Design.

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3D Scanning


New advances in software technology are allowing high resolution 3D models to be generated from a large number of photographs of the same object.  We have been researching this technology for the past couple of years and discovering how it could be used in architectural design.  We have now integrated this into our workflow allowing ourselves and our clients to get a better understanding of our designs and how they interact with the existing environment around them.

Gloucester Cathedral Cloister

Heritage and Conservation


We have extensive experience of working with listed buildings and within conservation areas and AONBs.  We believe that preserving our historic environment is vital.  We also believe that new and old can sit side by side - complementing one another. We have worked on over 30 listed builds ranging from converting agricultural buildings into homes to conserving tithe barns and stately homes for commercial ventures.


Construction Knowledge


We started off as a design build company - physically building what we designed.  Many of the people who work at Millar + Howard Workshop have a strong background in making.  We work closely with all those involved in a project including contractors to ensure an excellent result and a sound building.



Interior Spaces

We enjoy designing the interiors of buildings just as much as we enjoy designing the external appearance. Our service can be tailored to meet your requirements - right up to designing every internal detail.